Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drake Bell - A Reminder EP DETAILS

Drake says: "“I have so much going on right now with my acting, and a full album will probably not happen until next year. I wanted to release these four tracks for my fans. They haven’t had new music for a while.” Drake also talked about one of the songs on the album titled "Terrific". He said: “The song is really about calling someone out on not being themselves,” said Bell. “People growing up and trying to fit into different scenes, getting into different things that aren’t necessarily good for them or who they are. Trying to be someone that they’re not, and maybe shouldn’t be, and watching that happen right before your eyes," he added. Drake will also be starring in the new "Fairly Odd Movie" which will premiere on Nickelodeon this summer. 

A Reminder EP Tracklist:
1. Terrific
2. You’re Not Thinking
3. Big Shot
4. Speak My Mind

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