Friday, June 24, 2011

Mitchel Musso Starring In NEW DISNEY PRANK SHOW

Disney has announced their own form of Punked, hosted Mitchel Musso! In PrankStars, premiering July 15, it's not the stars being pranked, but the fans! In this hidden camera series, Disney stars create fun scenarios to surprise their biggest fans, while Mitchel orchestrates the action from inside a hidden control room. In the premiere episode featuring three pranks, 14-year-old Mary is put to the test when she is paired up with Selena Gomez, disguised as a typical teenager, to learn a jingle during an audition for a fake bubble gum commercial.The hilarity continues as Debby Ryan recruits her No. 1 fan, 14-year-old Albany, to model for her upcoming fashion show, but Albany's loyalties are tested when she is asked to fire Debby. When Mitchel Musso's real-life best friend does not show up for an interview at a restaurant, he recruits unsuspecting patron, 15-year-old Luke, to step in for the hardest role of his life.

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