Monday, September 12, 2011


The big news with you lately is about a possible collaboration with Justin Timberlake. You said on twitter that you had a conversation with him at his recent NYC show. How does a conversation with him actually go when it’s your idol? Did you manage to construct any comprehensible words?

[Laughs] It was amazing, man. I taught myself how to sing by replaying his records over and over again and mimicking every single note, melody, and ad-lib until I got them just right. Before vocal lessons, I had myself, my headphones, my Justin and Michael records, and my voice. Recently, we did some songs with his producer and friend Rob Knox and it all kind of worked up from there. Rob Knox is one of our favorite producers and his style is one of a kind. He must have put in a word to Justin because when I met him he already knew who I was and was already talking to me about recording together. This week I ran into him again in NYC and had the chance to watch him soundcheck, play acoustic, and run his business and to say the least, it was inspiring. The talent that he has his unreal. He doesn’t hit wrong notes, he plays multiple instruments, and then is incredibly smart, business savvy, and still humble. As an artist, and a career on at that, he is everything I want to be. A great idol and role model.

I’ve gotten the chance to speak and hang with him a few times and he definitely wants to make it happen with us. It’s just all about scheduling. The guy does so many things from his music, to movies, a clothing line, cologne, tequila brand, that it’s just hard to get him in one place for too long. I have faith that it will work out though. We are obviously passionate about it and he seems to be too so we’re looking forward to it. It’s going to be a unique experience when us, Justin, and Knox work together. I think we all get it. He loves rock music but hasn’t worked with too many “rock” bands and we haven’t worked with too many people that know r&b and pop like he does. It truly would be a dream come true and I think the end result would be something refreshing, unique, and would open the doors for a lot of people to experiment more with different blends of genre, taste, and style. The fact that he even recognizes me as a peer and know who me and the band is, is good enough for me. That’s an accomplished dream in itself. He left his bar with a copy of Symphony Soldier in his hand the other night so everyone cross your fingers for us.

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