Sunday, October 30, 2011

Andy Biersack Posts Picture Of BROKEN NOSE

Feel better, Andy!
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  1. Aww Andy get well soon! :( you look adorable in your pic btw.....Lmao when don't you look adorable! :) Anyways Love you!! <333

    BVB May they forever ROCK! <3
    -Love BVB soilder

  2. Replies
    1. i believe you spelled faggot wrong, my dear child. and no hes not a faggot.... you're the fucking faggot you mother fucker. thank you very much, now go fuck yourself and have a nice day. :) love you andy<3 im glad everything's better... *smh.. youre killing me, andy.. stop trying to be batman please :) love you:)

    2. Hey rude why can't you be kind? And btw, thank you, haters, for hating. Without you there would be no BVB.

  3. get well sooN! ;D WE LVOE YOU!

  4. aww sorry were you ok what happened

  5. i love you andy :) lol next time try not to break you face! :D

    BVB forever and on!

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