Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Check out what Allstar Weekend had to say below:

"We announced last night during our live chat that we’re no longer on Hollywood Records.  To clear up any confusion on the matter, here’s a fancy press release:

We’re no longer on Hollywood Records.  We are very grateful for the time we spent on the label.  Over the past three years, we’ve grown and developed as performers, artists, and as people.  We’re all really glad we got signed so young and didn’t become grumpy old sound guys with ugly tattoos who resent “never makin’ it”.  The people at Hollywood Records are really good people and always had good intentions for our band.  However, as time went on, our vision for the band and their vision went in different directions.  When two different groups are trying to work together but want two different things, it’s hard to make anything the best it can be.  We asked Hollywood Records to let us go and they were very awesome about it.  Just because they didn’t want our vision, doesn’t mean they didn’t understand it.  We thank everyone there for believing in us and giving us our first big break.  There is no bad blood between us and the label, and we weren’t dropped.  Trust me, if we were we’d milk that sympathy card like a farmer milks his cow.  For better or for worse, we want to do what we believe in.  As a team, Allstar Weekend’s biggest motto is “Don’t care what other people think of you!” We want our music and our lifestyle to inspire people to let go and get weird.  I’m getting preachy, so I’m going to wrap up this fancy press release.  We’re no longer on Hollywood Records, but we’re releasing music and doing what we love most, touring. Our Winter Tour starts in Minneapolis this Friday and we have a new single, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” that comes out on iTunes January 27th.  Now that we are unsigned, we are free to release music Internationally as well, so what’s up all you Dubai fans(I don’t know if we have any fans in Dubai but that would be cool). Have a wonderful day."

What do YOU think of their decision?
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