Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Go Radio - Close The Distance

Author: Tori

Go Radio's new album "Close The Distance" is set to release on September 18; mark your calendars because this is a spectacular album. The first track is called "I Won't Lie" and at first it sounds unmemorable and average but as soon as Jason Lancaster begins singing, the song takes on a completely different direction. His voice is powerful and you can feel every emotion he is trying (and succeeding) to convey.

Go Radio's previous release "Lucky Street" was gritty and raw. Two years later, the songs on "Close The Distance" are polished and full (in other words, even better)! The lyrics are packed with imagery and each song creates a new whirlwind of feelings. Go Radio is famous for their ballads and love songs; almost everyone knows "Goodnight Moon" and I was excited to see what slow songs they were going to give us this time around. "What If You Don't", "The Ending" and "Hear Me Out" are the low-key tunes and all three have the ability to become instant hits. Out of those three, my favorite is "The Ending" because although it is slow, it isn't going to put you to sleep. You can sense the desperation and sadness in Jason's voice as he sings "this can't be the ending". My only critique is that "The Ending" should have been put at the ending of the album...see what I did there?

Typically, I am not a fan of pop punk bands because they all sound the same to me but Go Radio broke that stereotype. This album is loaded with pop elements but they have the right balance of rock details intertwined. If you are a fan of The Maine, A Rocket To The Moon, or All Time Low you will love Go Radio's "Close The Distance". Don't forget to grab a copy (or two, or three, or maybe four) on September 18!


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