Friday, October 26, 2012

Concert Review: Collide With The Sky Tour - Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Tonight Alive, & Hands Like Houses

Author: Tori

I attended the Collide With The Sky Tour on October 23, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. I was anticipating this concert for over two months; the lineup couldn't be better! With Hands Like Houses, Tonight Alive, Sleeping With Sirens, and Pierce The Veil all in one show, there was non-stop excitement from beginning to end.

First on stage was Australian rock band Hands Like Houses. Their performance was simple (no crazy lights, dance moves, or other attention-grabbing tactics) which worked in their favor because they let the music speak for itself. Although it was difficult to understand the lyrics while they were performing live, it is clear that the songs had meaning to them. Something that immediately stood out to me was that they didn't scream; for some bands (including Hands Like Houses) it isn't necessary. Based on the crowd of fans at their meet and greet after their set it seems like they were a hit; I certainly enjoyed their performance as well. I have a feeling we will see a lot more of Hands Like Houses in the future so if they are coming to a city near you, don't miss the show. If you are a fan of There For Tomorrow, You Me At Six, or A Day To Remember you'll love Hands Like Houses.

Next up on stage was Tonight Alive. They were so incredibly energetic and I couldn't take my eyes off of them from the beginning to the end of their set. As everyone says, they are most comparable to Paramore and that is certainly apparent during the live show as well as on their album. They played all of the fan favorites including Listening, What Are You So Scared Of?, and Breaking & Entering. One thing that I really appreciated is that they seemed humble, passionate and extremely enthusiastic on stage even though they have probably performed the same songs 1,000 times within the last year. Lead singer, Jenna McDougall has such unique style (both in her fashion and her performance) that she definitely stands out in comparison to other female lead singers. If you're a fan of Paramore, Hey Monday, or We Are The In Crowd you will love Tonight Alive. Check out our interview with Tonight Alive from Warped Tour:

Performing next was Sleeping With Sirens and it is safe to say that the crowd was anticipating their performance the whole night. They started the set with their high-energy single "Do It Now, Remember It Later" and you could barely hear Kellin's singing over the audience chanting the lyrics with him. Every time I have seen Sleeping With Sirens play they sound nearly perfect; anyone who knows the album versions can agree that they sound spot-on live. The highlight of their set was the final song, "If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn". Throughout the night the security guards successfully stopped every crowd surfer from making it to the front but during "If I'm James Dean..." it was impossible to tame Sleeping With Sirens' enthusiastic fans.

This wouldn't be a proper Collide With The Sky Tour review without discussing Pierce The Veil's set...where do I even start? Pierce The Veil are professionals when it comes to creating excitement and building anticipation. During their introduction of "May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep" they projected a silhouette of the girl from the CWTS album cover as Vic sang from backstage. I, along with the rest of the venue, couldn't contain my screams of excitement. Pierce The Veil created a powerful environment in the room and it felt like a community; everyone was packed in a small room and together we sang every word of every song. I appreciated that the band didn't pause to speak after every song; they kept the show going. Each time that they did talk, their words were impactful enough to make some fans cry. There were so many collaborations during the concert and the first one was "Hold On Till May" where Jenna from Tonight Alive sang the part originally by Lindsey Stamey. The most memorable moment of the night was the surprise guest: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember who made an appearance to sing his part in Caraphernelia. Although I would have been satisfied with that finale, the show didn't stop there. As the room went black, a crown projected on the wall and everyone knew what was coming...Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens joined forces with Pierce The Veil for "King For A Day". During the entire show, each member of the band added to the greatness of the performance; Vic's vocals were flawless, Jaime's smile was contagious ("maybe he was having too much fun"...pun intended), Tony stayed on stage afterwards to thank fans, and Mike's drumming was fierce. It was safe to say that Pierce The Veil used a record breaking amount of confetti by the end of the night (and let's be honest, a show isn't complete without confetti). It is impossible to accurately describe how powerful their live show was in a single review; it is something you have to experience for yourself. Check out our interview with Pierce The Veil from Warped Tour:

As you can clearly see, I don't have a single bit of constructive criticism. For the first time, there wasn't a single band on the lineup that made me space out and check Twitter out of boredom. If they are coming to a city near you, you CANNOT miss this concert. Check out the tour dates and get your tickets: .

We interviewed with Hands Like Houses and Sleeping With Sirens while we were at the show! Subscribe to our channel and be the first to see it:


  1. This was by far the best show I have ever been to. Photography oppurtunities were definitely difficult with the crowd's enthusiasm. This is also a great review and the person who wrote it clearly was at the show themselves because you captured the mood perfectly. This night was honestly just magical and I was left in tears several times from the overwhelming feelings one can experience while surrounded by people and music they believe in. Tori, I would love to have your job.

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