Thursday, October 18, 2012

Concert Review: Davey Suicide - The Scene Is Dead Tour 10/17/12

Author: Tori

On October 17, 2012 I attended The Scene Is Dead tour in Orlando, Fl. The lineup featured Blood on the Dance Floor, Jeffree Star, New Years Day, and Davey Suicide. Davey Suicide was first on stage and they put on a spectacular show!

Recently I have been hearing the name "Davey Suicide" quite frequently so I decided to experience their live show for myself while they were in town. As soon as the lights dimmed on stage their theatric entrance began. First impressions are important and Davey Suicide was on a mission to leave the audience with their jaws on the floor. Their theme song began chiming and one-by-one they entered the stage. It is clear that the band put a lot of thought and effort into their stage outfits. They sported painted faces and jackets embellished with their logo; their stage presence was just as striking to match. Davey Suicide started the show with great energy; unlike most bands they didn't simply stand around playing their instruments, they put on a performance. Not only that, but the lead singer undoubtably thrilled the audience when he jumped off stage to join them. Of all the songs they played in their 30-minute set, my favorite was "Kids In America", an energetic anthem that kept me tapping my foot even when their performance was over.

If you don't know Davey Suicide yet, I suggest you check them out and join the fandom because their reign in rock 'n' roll is only beginning. If you are a fan of Black Veil Brides, Cherri Bomb, or The Pretty Reckless you will love Davey Suicide. Catch them on the Scene Is Dead Tour; for the dates click here:


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