Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: Never Shout Never - Indigo

Author: Tori

Before playing through the new album, I went back and listened to Never Shout Never's previous releases (including the classics: Trouble, Harmony, Happy, etc.). It is clear that the band has evolved between their first EP to their most recent album; from simple vocals, love songs and a ukelele to a full band and a brand new outlook. That is what I love about Never Shout Never: you never know what to expect with each album release and Indigo is the next stepping stone of their musical journey.

The first song on the album titled "Magic" was filled with perfectly-placed harmonies, cheeky lyrics, and foot-tapping melodies; a completely different vibe from their last record "Time Travel" which left your mind wandering and pondering for hours. The next track on the album called "All Mine" started with an unexpected beat while the lovey-dovey lyrics instantly reminded me of their earlier songs (perhaps something from The Summer EP). Skipping to the fourth track on the album, "Sorry" opens with light violins; it feels scandalous and theatric throughout the song while Chris tells us the suspenseful narrative of a classic love triangle. They picked up the mood on the seventh track, "California Slang". It immediately reminded me of "Piggy Bank" (from their album "Harmony"); it sounded like it could be a classic country radio hit (and maybe one day it will be). Unfortunately I found the last three tracks on the album to be somewhat lackluster in comparison to the rest of the album. On the bright side (pun intended), after much back-and-forth debate I decided that my favorite song was "The Wrong Side Of Town"'s light, simple, and would fit perfectly on the Pandora playlist for "easy listening".

"Indigo" features incredible variety; there is undoubtedly something for everyone. Never Shout Never displayed true artistry and limitless creativity on this album. I had no expectations as I listened to it for the first time and I was in utter amazement. Recently, there has been a battle of preference amongst fans between Never Shout Never's older releases or their newer style. If you ask me, both sides of the argument can find something to appreciate on this new record. Indigo comes out on November 13, make sure you pick up a copy!


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