Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Wretched & Divine - Black Veil Brides

Author: Tori

Wretched & Divine is by far Black Veil Brides' best work yet. The impressive guitar solos throughout the record displayed Jinxx and Jake Pitts' remarkable talent (not to mention the hints of violin scattered throughout the album which are also played by Jinxx). The musicianship on this album is utterly jaw dropping. For anyone who may have been skeptical about the hype surrounding BVB throughout the last few years, the excitement is understandable after merely listening to the first 30 seconds of this album (so to those of you contemplating whether it is worth listening to or not, IT IS). Black Veil Brides are currently on the rise and they are creating history with Wretched & Divine. 

This is a concept album that tells the story of F.E.A.R and The Wild Ones. The story line is clear and easy to follow, especially with the assistance of the F.E.A.R Transmissions placed throughout the track list. However after listening through the album twice I found myself skipping each of the F.E.A.R Transmissions because they felt like an interruption to the music rather than a transition, especially once I understood the story. Every track on the album helps convey a piece of the story but I appreciate how each song can also stand alone since they communicate their own separate themes.

The best way to describe this album is epic. I feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself while listening to it; the lyrics are uplifting and powerful. The music resembles that of Set The World On Fire but it is stepped up to a whole new level; they stayed true to their pure rock sound and every chorus is anthemic (especially "We Don't Belong" and "I Am Bulletproof"). I enjoyed every song on the album but only a few failed to grab my attention as much as the rest. Unfortunately, "Lost It All" and "Done for You" seemed quite lackluster to me. Reflecting back to older tracks by BVB such as "The Mortician's Daughter" and "Savior", I realized that I am not a fan of Black Veil Brides' softer songs. They excel in creating intense, upbeat rock 'n' roll songs and the ballads seem like dull spots on the record in comparison.

Wretched & Divine is a work of art. It is a cohesive collection of songs that share a common style. Black Veil Brides put so much thought and care into the record and as a listener, it is certainly evident. I can't get enough of this album and it is guaranteed to please all rock music lovers out there. Pick up a copy on iTunes or in stores now!

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