Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Before You Exit - I Like That EP

Author: Tori

This probably isn't the first you've heard of Before You Exit; the band has racked up over 11 million views on YouTube and they have toured with bands like Allstar Weekend and Action Item. After listening to their latest release, the "I Like That EP" for the first time, I was completely surprised by how much their music has changed. I have been following Before You Exit for a few years and when they first started off they were known for their pop punk tunes (similar to All Time Low). Since their album "Letting Go" was released 2 years ago, Before You Exit have evolved and transformed their sound to be more radio friendly. Although I personally prefer their pop punk style, I really enjoy these new songs as well!

Lead singer, Riley McDonough's voice is distinct and his vocals on this EP are really great; with Braiden, Thomas, and his brothers Toby and Connor by his side, they are an unstoppable group. My favorite song on the album is the ballad "Soldier"; I like the concept of the song and they mastered the formula for the perfect slow song. The only downfall on this EP are the lyrics; every track is a love song with "BOY BAND" written all over them. It would be great if their lyrics were a little more diverse in topics. Despite that, I can't help but sing along to the extremely catchy choruses that this EP delivers; the third track "End Of The World" was stuck in my head for a week straight. The band originally released their single "End Of The World" a year ago and this EP showcases a brand new version featuring Anth. At such a young age, Before You Exit's talent is unreal; this is only the beginning for them!

If you are looking for some light, fun music to dance around to then Before You Exit's "I Like That EP" is the perfect pick; I plan on jamming to this EP quite often! Fans of One Direction, The Jonas Brothers, or Action Item will love Before You Exit. Pick up a copy on iTunes HERE!

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