Friday, April 19, 2013

Chase Goehring Interview With Rock Forever Magazine

  1. You recently attended Playlist Live – what was the highlight of that experience? Playlist Live was incredible.  Before I went I wasn’t really submerged in the youtube community.  I never really called or wanted to call myself a youtuber.  But after meeting people like Sam Pepper, Mazzi Maz, Dave Days, DeStorm, etc., I learned that Youtube and the Youtube community was something I really longed for!  I also met a ton of fans and made a bunch of new friends. Going to playlist was amazing. ☺
  2. How did you get started posting videos on YouTube? Well, I’ve had a youtube for a very long time.  I used to upload a video every month or so (if I got lucky).  It hasn’t been until recently that I really starting getting involved.  Now Youtube has become a big part of my life and I have been pursuing it quite frequently.
  3. For anyone who hasn’t been on your YouTube channel yet, what is one reason why they should check out your channel? You should definitely check out my channel if your having a bad day!  Whenever I make something I make sure I enjoy it and want to watch it over and over because if I don’t like it, who will?  Also if you like Ed Sheeran singer songwriter music all the way to heavy influenced pop Justin Bieber, my style somewhat incorporates these two elements.  I also like to vlog and do weekly ‘Ask Chase” videos where my beautiful fans ask me questions and I answer about 10-20! (:
  4. Who are your biggest musical inspirations? This is a tough one because I actually don’t have any musical inspirations.  There hasn’t really been an artist that inspired me to become a performer.  However, Jake Shimabukuro aka the greatest ukulele player of all time somewhat inspired me to learn the ukulele which was a critical turning point in my career.
  5. You released your music video for “In Love” what was the filming process like behind the scenes for that video? It was very cold! The last shot we got was against a colorful wall with my guitar and I really did think my hands would fall off! Other than that it was really fun. I never really had a love interest in my videos before so that was quite interesting.
  6. The music video for “In Love” already has nearly 20,000 views! How did that happen so quickly? Good ole Sam Pepper! I met him at playlist live and asked him if he’d check out my stuff! A couple days after I got home from playlist I get a twitter notification “Told this guy I’d check him out, keep up the good work!” with a link to In Love. From there on it has been blowing up and is closing in on 50k views! I’m so thankful for the fans watching and for Sam doing that. There aren’t much people willing to do that with nothing but thanks in return!(:
  7. Youtube is shaping the world of entertainment and music so where do you see your career on YouTube heading in the next 5 years? I’m hoping that it becomes a self sustaining career before I have to go to college! But above all I hope that I can use it as a platform to represent God and what He’s all about!(:
  8. What are your 3 tips for aspiring youtubers? 1) Connections/friends – Always collaborate and get tips from people who’ve been doing it longer.  Most people on youtube are all about helping others because they were once at that point! 2) Make content that YOU love before presenting it to your audience.  If you aren’t satisfied with what you make then it’ll leak out into the viewers and they wont enjoy it as much. 3) Have fun with it! Don’t take it too seriously or else it wont become fun anymore. Do something you enjoy(:
  9. What is one fun fact that fans might not know about you? When I was a baby I used to call Dolly Parton Dowwy Wood and she saw me in an airport once and said “Well aren’t you the cutest little thing I ever did see!” We were gonna get a pic but her manager was mean and took her away. 
  10. What are your upcoming plans? Just keep pursuing my goals and going where God intends me to be. As of now, more youtube videos, more covers, living life with my Chasers and making the most out of it!(:
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