Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Concert Review: R5 and Hollywood Ending - 4/23/13

I went to see R5 and Hollywood Ending on 4/23 in Orlando, Florida at The Plaza Live. Not only did I see them play but also I interviewed both bands so stay tuned to youtube.com/rockforevermagazine to see those interviews very soon!

If you are a fan of bands like Allstar Weekend and Before You Exit you will absolutely love Hollywood Ending. They were so fun to watch and they brought great energy to the stage. They played their new song "You" and even though the song is brand new, it was cool to see how many fans already knew the words. There was one song that everyone sang along to: their cover of Hunter Hayes' hit "Wanted". That was such a smart song choice and their acoustic, mellow version certainly did it justice. They ended their set with their most popular song "You Got Me" and I couldn't help but dance and sing along. Overall, Hollywood Ending was fun to watch and got the crowd jumping and dancing before R5!

Next on stage was R5! Before they got on stage "We Are Family" started playing (which was quite clever considering they're all related) and then as the music faded out they lights dimmed and they entered the stage one by one. It was clear that the band put a lot of thought into their appearance on stage. The microphone stands lit up, their clothes were color coordinated and they looked unified. Some bands lack these small details so it was great to see R5 looking like a group rather than random people thrown on stage together. Every member of R5 played an instrument but they didn't let that hold them back from dancing and interacting with each other and the audience. Not only did they sound great but they were entertaining as well. They were having fun so they audience did too.
R5 played all of their own instruments live without the assistance of a track and their harmonies complimented every chorus. Ross managed to sing every note perfectly while still moving around on stage; that it a difficult task to complete and he did it with ease. 
R5's performance was lighthearted, fun, and a good time for all ages. Their fans are so dedicated to the band; they came prepared with shirts and posters plastered with pictures of the band. After seeing their show it is clear to see why people love them so much.

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  1. Cool! I love Before You Exit and these two bands too!

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