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Album Review: The Maine - Forever Halloween

Author: Tori

The Maine’s new album “Forever Halloween” comes out on June 4th and I was lucky enough to get an early copy to review for you guys! First thing’s first, I gotta mention the insane album artwork. It goes perfectly with the title and it is so interesting to look at; I am curious to know the inspiration behind it. I love when a band puts thought into every detail of an album, especially the album art.

It is safe to say that The Maine has become a very creative, experimental band; I never know what their next song is going to sound like. Their album “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” sounds completely different in comparison to “Pioneer” and now they are continuing the pattern with “Forever Halloween” which is the next chapter of The Maine’s evolution. They have abandoned the pop/rock sound from earlier releases and traded it for a new rock vibe; despite the differences on each record, certain characteristics remain the same: John O’Callaghan’s unmistakable voice and their unique outlook on life represented through their lyrics.

The first song on the album is "Take What You Can Carry" and I love the rhythm of the song, particularly the claps in the beginning which are a cool replacement for the typical drums. Although I like this one, I think it was an interesting choice to start the album with since the first half of the song has an strange vibe going on but it picks up towards the end. Next up is "Love & Drugs" which is the perfect rebellious, fun rock song that I can picture teenagers singing along to in a convertible during spring break. This track is all about having a good time and being young. It kind of reminds me of a modern-day Beach Boys style. “Love & Drugs” is a nice pick-me-up in comparison to some of The Maine’s heavier, heartfelt songs towards the end of the track list. Even though I don’t condone the behavior described in the lyrics, I love the carefree attitude of this one! Another song I really enjoy on the album is "Happy" and I adore it because the song is a total oxymoron. The song sounds upbeat and fun while the lyrics are about feeling like you will never be happy. From beginning to end, this track is definitely one of my favorites.

Now that we have covered some of the upbeat songs, it’s time to talk about some of the softer tracks on "Forever Halloween". The lyrics of "Birthday in Los Angeles" are descriptive and the details he described make it a very personal song. That is something I always appreciate about The Maine, their music is like a window into their lives. I can visualize going back in time and looking through John’s memories in LA and I can relate to the nostalgic feeling you get when you leave a place that you’ve lived in for a while. Skipping over to track #8, "These Four Words" is another stand out song to me. The piano is stunning. It is always a hit or miss with songs like this: either it gives you chills down your spine or it puts you to sleep. The Maine definitely nailed it on this one; it is so simplistic…the piano and John’s voice is a magical combination.

"Forever Halloween" is a step up from their previous release "Pioneer" (so in case you weren't a big fan of that album, give this one a chance)! Each song stands alone with their own individual personalities rather than blending together and sounding the same. The Maine has a perfect balance of upbeat and slow songs and surprisingly I couldn't find a dull moment on this album.

You can pick up a copy of The Maine's album "Forever Halloween" on June 4th!

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