Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On My Honor Interview With Rock Forever Magazine

  1. For anyone who doesn’t know the band yet, what is the #1 thing that people should know about you? We make records and tour a lot. If you like pop-punk in the vein of old drive-thru records era pop-punk and coming to shows, then we should be friends.
  2. If you had to describe your music in one sentence, what would it be? Our music is a collective effort of really good friends waking up everyday and doing the best they can to be the best band they can be.
  3. What is the inspiration behind the band name? Our singer Drew is an Eagle Scout. It inspired the name. He pretty much just liked it and so did we. No big crazy story or anything behind it honestly.
  4. If you could create your dream tour lineup, who would you want to go on tour with? I think that would be different for all of us. There are so many bands we’d love to tour with. We’re all huge fans of Jimmy Eat World, Relient K, etc so any of those bands would be awesome for us.
  5. You’re releasing a new album soon called “I Never Deserve The Things I Need”. Can you tell us more about it? It's a bunch of songs we’ve made based on the past two years of spending a lot of time on the road and being in a pretty dark place for most of it trying to make the best of it.
  6. Who or what are your biggest musical influences? Rufio, Jimmy Eat World, NFG, our friend’s bands, Hidden in Plainview, NFG, Blink 182, Relient K, Strung Out, Hot Water Music etc..
  7. What is one thing that fans might not know about you? Most of the people that listen to our music I feel like know us pretty well. I can’t really think of anything that most of the people that like us don’t already know. We’re pretty open people.
  8. What are your upcoming plans and what can fans expect from you in the near future? We’re going to spend the rest of this year on the road in support of the record. After that we’ll make another and so on and so forth until our bodies give out.


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