Thursday, September 5, 2013

Album Review: Tonight Alive - The Other Side

Author: Tori

Tonight Alive’s previous album “What Are You So Scared Of?” has been a staple in my music collection since it was released because every song is a standout. After much anticipation, I finally got my hands on their newest release “The Other Side”. I had high hopes that it would be just as incredible as their last album. If you ask me, this album embodies every element of perfect pop rock music while staying true to Tonight Alive's signature sound. 

Lead singer, Jenna McDougall’s voice is frequently compared to Hayley Williams of Paramore. Although their voices contain similarities, I don’t think that comparison does Jenna justice. She adds a unique approach to every song and there is no one else like her; listen to the title track “The Other Side” and you will know what I mean. She completely outdid herself on this album and her vocal range reached new heights. I believe that Jenna possesses the talent, charisma and stage presence to be an iconic female vocalist.

Certain tracks on "The Other Side" stand out for being vivacious and melodic. For example, “Lonely Girl” is the first single from the album and it shines amongst the rest; I have had this song in particular on repeat since I first heard it. “The Fire” is another jam worthy song that delivers a catchy chorus and unprecedented energy from start to finish. These tracks could get a sold-out venue on their feet and dancing in seconds.

Every song on “The Other Side” comes equipped with individual emotions and moods that no other track duplicates. Specifically “The Ocean,” “No Different,” “Say Please” and “Complexes” contain the heaviest lyrics, discussing topics ranging from health struggles to the difficulties of life on tour. I admire the band's openness on this album; they discussed some very personal matters. Jenna's delivery of the lyrics is sincere, heart-felt, and impassioned. In combination with the band's exceptional instrumentals, they brought out their deepest feelings in these relatable, yet hard-hitting songs.

It is safe to say that this album beat my expectations. They managed to perfectly balance the ratio of ballads to up-beat songs and there isn’t a low point on the track list. People who are already fans of the band will be trilled with the new music and fresh ears will become big fans of Tonight Alive in no time. You can’t help but fall in love with their music! “The Other Side” is a major step up since their previous release, which says a lot coming from me since I adore their last album. Be sure to pick up a copy of Tonight Alive’s album “The Other Side” on September 10th!

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