Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Album Review: A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy

Author: Tori

The drama between ADTR and Victory Records surrounding the release of “Common Courtesy” created a lot of suspense and high expectations – that got my mind stirring before the official release day. A Day To Remember have always been known for combining pop punk melodies with heavy breakdowns; fans of their trademark genre will not be disappointed by “Common Courtesy.” It will easily become a classic in A Day To Remember’s discography.

There are no shockers or surprises on this track list; it is exactly what you would expect from A Day To Remember. Their albums have become nearly formulaic and a bit predicable. Of course, this is why they are one of the most successful, beloved bands in the scene but after several albums featuring the same style, fans may be questioning whether that is a good thing or a letdown.

A Day To Remember’s lyrics are like time capsules: keeping special memories alive and documenting them in their songs. “City of Ocala” and “I Remember” share the nostalgia of the their early beginnings; particularly, their small hometown shows and cross-country tours in a van. One of the best parts of the album is their playful, candid conversation at the end of “I Remember” where the band reflects on their favorite tour memories. Those stories even made me feel sentimental.

The pop-punk side of A Day To Remember’s musical spectrum is well represented on the first two tracks, “City Of Ocala” and “Right Back At It Again.” The choruses are insanely catchy and nearly flawless. Have no fear, they didn’t forget to include some head-bang worthy tracks too. “Dead & Buried,” “Violence (Enough is Enough),” and “Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way” are fully loaded with heavy breakdowns and Jeremy’s assertive mosh calls. "The Document Speaks For Itself" is another stand out track; it has received the most attention and speculation from listeners since it discusses the legal issues between ADTR and Victory Records. 

The most unexpected twist on this album is the abundance of slow songs: “I’m Already Gone,” “I Surrender,” and “End Of Me” tone down the mood. Unfortunately, all of these songs are quite lackluster and monotonous in comparison to the rest of the track list. In the song “I Surrender,” they don’t even sound like the same band. I applaud their effort to switch things up and attempt these ballads but the album would be better off without them. None of them grab my attention like the up-tempo songs do.

“Common Courtesy” will leave long-time A Day To Remember fans thrilled. After years of waiting, the highly anticipated album is likely to exceed their expectations and keep them satisfied. It’s a strong album that shows off the band’s exceptional song writing abilities and versatility. Visit to pick up a copy!

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