Monday, November 4, 2013

Audrey Whitby Interview with Rock Forever Magazine

1. For so many teenagers, being on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon sounds like an unattainable dream but you made it your reality. How did you make it where you are in your career now?

"My first role was on Disney's SO RANDOM! I started doing local musical theatre in Indiana when I was 6 and it prepared me since sketch comedy and musicals require all-out, over-the-top type of acting. I started auditioning in Chicago when I was 8 and did a few commercials and American Girl print ads, then moved to LA when I was 12. SO RANDOM! came along shortly after, and it really opened doors and gave me confidence in my auditions for other shows."

2. You star in the Nickelodeon show “The Thundermans” which is a really fun show to watch so I am sure it can be fun behind the scenes too. What is your favorite moment from behind the scenes of filming the show?

"I'm actually part of the supporting cast playing the quirky best friend, Cherry, to teenage superhero incognito Phoebe Thunderman. Jack, Kira and I bring our guitars and ukuleles, and we sing together in our dressing rooms. Addison and Diego eventually wander in, and it becomes the 'Thunderman Family Singers'! Great fun when we are all singing at the top of our lungs and suddenly they call us to set- I'm like "Oh right, now I get to go do this other awesome thing with people I really like!" It's a very happy set!"

3. Over the years you have played some wacky roles on shows like So Random. How do you get into character, especially for the crazier roles?

"Part of it is natural because I am a very animated person. Also, I think about the character and play with voices and mannerisms. Sybil: The Worst DIY-er on ATV on Nick is a good example. I decided that she was an optimist insisting on doing something that isn't easy for her. I gave her a deep voice and never fading smile, and I have a great time with her. It is a lot of planning, practicing in the mirror and getting friends and family to watch before I set a character. Creating a characters is definitely something a comedian doesn't just 'wing.'"

4. You are very involved with AwesomenessTV and their series IMO. What is the filming process for an episode of IMO like? Also, what is your favorite topic that you have covered on the show and why?

"We film all segments for a month in one weekend starting with wardrobe fittings on a Friday shooting Saturday and Sunday. They are really fun weekends feeling like a party with my girlfriends! I think one of my favorite episodes was surprising Meagan with The Janoskians. She had no idea they were behind the couch and I got to spring it on her. I knew how happy she would be and I could barely keep the secret!!!"

5. What would be your dream role and who would be your dream costars?

"I would love a shot at SNL because I grew up loving that and MadTV. I also love sitcoms. Being on a strong ensemble show like How I Met Your Mother sounds like a dream job, and if you can work in Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig and Ellen- it's heaven!"

6. Aside from your incredible acting, you’re also a really talented singer. Have you thought about pursuing a career in music? Is that something you would like to do?

"Music is a place for me to unwind so I've never thought of making it a career. I started my YouTube channel TheAudreyWhitby because it was an incentive for me to learn to play the ukulele, and you can still see the first song I learned posted there. When I watch them, I think, "HEY! I've come a long way, but I gotta get better!" It's also a great way to have bonding time with my sister, Maddy. Our schedules are so hectic that sometimes we plan to record a song and put it on our calendars to guarantee that we see each other and catch up! Our duet Your Mama's Broken Heart is one of my favorite covers."

7. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

"A highlight and surreal moment was seeing a musical parody (Clique) I co-wrote with Allisyn Arm and MadMoni come to life ...and it just hit a million views on YouTube! Another highlight is every time a kid comes up to me when I'm out and says "I love you on my TV!" It's the best feeling ever!"

8. Where do you see your career 5 years from now?

"Right here- working! That is my five year plan, haha. In this business, persistence is necessary and actors have to think long term because careers usually don't happen overnight, they are built over time."

9. What are your upcoming plans and what can fans expect from you in the near future?

"I am producing my work with the help of partners like Awesomeness TV where I am on IMO as well. I'm really proud and plan to continue writing musical parodies/ sketches like CLIQUE and Us and Jan. Also, you can see me almost weekly on The Thundermans and ATV on Nick this fall/winter on NICKELODEON TV!

-Audrey Whitby"

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