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New Empire Interview with Rock Forever Magazine

Australian pop-rock band, New Empire will release their new album "In A Breath" on April 29, 2014. To celebrate the album release, we recently talked to the band's lead singer, Jeremy Fowler! We discussed their new album, the band's inspirations, upcoming plans, and much more. Check out the full Q&A below:

1. Your album In A Breath comes out this month (April 2014). What is the significance behind the album title and artwork? 

In a breath is the title track of the album, and it is a reminder to me of how life on earth is so fleeting and short. It's a song about eternity and how I will see my mother again one day. The artwork reflects this meaning really well I feel, with the face of the man slipping into eternity.

2. How does this album compare to your previous releases?

I think both musically and lyrically we have grown and matured to a great extent. Musically we've branched out and included a broader range of instruments on this album than ever before - including lutes and persian instruments from the middle east, drums and bongos from Africa and even a sitar from India. Lyrically I have pushed myself to be more open and honest than ever, which i feel will create a deeper connection with listeners than ever before.

3. One standout track on the album is “Wise Fox.” What is the story behind that song?

Wise fox is a fictional story about a fox who lives in a tall forest above a small village in the mountains. The fox is well aware of the beauty of life and has much wisdom to teach the little humans below, yet the villagers are too preoccupied with the flippant cares and pleasures of life to open their eyes, look upwards and experience the beauty that surrounds.

4. For anyone who doesn’t know the band yet, if they could only listen to one song from In A Breath as a first impression, which one should it be and why?

I think they should listen to 'Tale of Jonah' because it sums up musically who we are the most, with the diversity in dynamics and melody. We have many different sounds so this is a hard question to answer!

5. Your lyrics contain a lot of imagery. Were there any particular moments in your life that inspired you during the writing and recording process for In A Breath?

Yes there were some very pivotal and life changing moments in all of our lives in the past two years. I lost my mother unexpectantly to cancer last year, and the song 'In a Breath' is written for her. Every song has a real life story behind it.

6. If you had to come up with a mission statement for the band, what would it be? Ultimately, what do you hope to accomplish through your music?

Our mission statement is to 'love, serve, encourage and inspire'. We would love to be able to continue to travel the world and play for as many people as possible in as many countries as possible! We don't usually set too many targets because sometimes they can limit what can actually be achieved.

7. If you could tour with your biggest musical inspirations, who would be on the lineup and why?

Coldplay, Switchfoot and Jonsi would be the dream lineup to tour with. They have all equally poured out inspiriation to our lives both musically and with the way they inspire others.

8. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I would say releasing 'In a Breath' worldwide because we have never been more proud of an album or more believing in a group of songs than these. Signing to Tooth and Nail records and shock records in 2013 has also been a huge highlight for us.

9. What are your upcoming plans and what can fans expect from you in the near future?

We're currently planing our first world tour for 'In a Breath' in 2014 and filming more music videos for the alum at the same time.. its a very exciting time for all of us, and we can't wait to share new experiences with people all over the world.


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