Thursday, October 23, 2014

Concert Review: The Nick and Knight Tour

Nick and Knight is the latest side project between Nick Carter and Jordan Knight. If those names ring a bell, it may be because they are famously known as members of two of the most iconic boy bands of the 90’s. Carter is the blonde heartthrob from The Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight charmed fans with his dance moves in New Kids On The Block. Although both bands are still active in today’s music scene, Nick and Knight have joined forces on a new side project as a dynamic duo. Seeing them outside of their original groups is unusual, but it has been an easy change to get used to. This fresh side project is an entirely new venture that is equally exciting and intriguing. Nick and Knight have managed to merge two of the most memorable 90’s fandoms: BSB and NKOTB.

Nick and Knight are currently on a headlining tour and they played a show in Orlando, FL on October 21st at The Plaza Live, which I was lucky enough to attend. This event was extra special since it was in Nick’s hometown. In fact, even Howie Dorough from The Backstreet Boys made an appearance to support his fellow band member.

Watching Nick Carter and Jordan Knight perform in an intimate environment (a 1400 capacity room) was a unique experience. In between songs they were extremely casual and conversational with the audience; they cracked silly jokes and reminisced on good memories. They treated us like old friends.

Although the concert was smaller than the typical NKOTBSB production, Carter and Knight still put their heart and soul into their performance. After over 20 years in the spotlight, they still haven’t lost their touch; they made everything look effortlessly flawless. As expected, the songs were upbeat and catchy while their choreography was sharp and perfectly timed. They played off their strengths but they also kept things fresh and versatile by bringing in a keyboard and guitar for the mellow portions of the set. In addition, the full band playing behind them completed the show; without their instrumentals, it would have been a dud (thank goodness they didn’t use any backing tracks).

Nick and Knight played mostly original songs from their debut, self titled album. These tunes are a soulful, modernized twist on the poppy sound that made them famous.

Despite highlighting the new release, they weren’t afraid to mix in throwback tracks to their setlist. This kept BSB and NKOTB fans hooked while bringing something new to the table. *SPOILER ALERT* they ended their set with a bang by playing their greatest hits: Larger Than Life and You’ve Got It (The Right Stuff). I’m not gonna lie to you…I was a Backstreet Boys fan back in the day but New Kids On The Block was a little before my time. Despite that, hearing these songs again brought me back to my childhood and made my 90’s fangirl dreams come true.

Nick and Knight did an outstanding job intertwining the old and the new. They introduced us to their new music while they occasionally paid tribute to their 90’s roots (including “The Carlton” dance moves).

As a reviewer, I tried to find a flaw or come up with constructive criticism but it was impossible. Nick and Knight have mastered their craft and they delivered an energizing and entertaining show. It was fun and lighthearted whether you are familiar with Nick and Knight or not. If you want to listen Nick and Knight’s music but don’t know where to start, I recommend listening to “Switch” and “One More Time” from their self-titled album!

Visit to learn more about the duo and check out their remaining tour dates!

Author: Tori